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The directions to how to play the game:


A person deals out five cards to each player!


Look at your cards!


Ask your partner if they have any animals you want!


You are trying to get 4 of one animal!


I and my partner all have different cards!


I have to try to get 5 pandas and my partner is trying to get 5 monkeys!


Whoever gets 5 of one pair of animal you win!!!!!!!!

By: Larissa


Once upon a time a girl found a key. She didn’t know it was a magical key!

Then next day she bumped into a strange looking house! When she saw

the house it struck her!!!! She remembered the key. The key was in her

pocket! She wanted to know if the key would unlock the strange looking

house!! When she tried the key it worked!!! When the girl opened the

door there was nobody there! Then all the magical fairies they saw the

girl they didn’t know what to say! They said you have passed the most

challenging test of all the history of fairies!!!!!! You get a prize the prize is

a special locket to remember us forever!

By: Larissa

The saddest day in my life was when I cut my eyebrow .I was running in and out the door at my uncle’s mountain house. My mom told me to stop but I didn’t. I cut my eyebrow on something sharp when it happened! My eyebrow was bleeding a lot when it happened. I had to go to the hospital and have stitches in my eyebrow! I got and I named it chubby!!!!!

The happiest day in my life was when I went to Jolly Rogers with my

friends!! We went on lots of rides!!!!

We ate and had fun!!!!!!! I loved going there! Now that was the best day of

my life!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Larissa

My Mom made macaroni
I made such a mess
I had some lemon in my tea
And my sister name was Tess
By: Larissa