Liza's Writing Place


The Pool Ghoul
By: Liza Ervin
I went to the pool

And I saw a Ghoul

I thought it was sitting on a stool

I don’t know why

I am to shy

That’s why I never go to the pool

The Happiest Day Of My Life Was When:

My little sister was born.

Now I didn’t have to be the littlest one in the family! We

named her Kerry. I remember my mom coming home with a little pink bundle

wrapped in her arms. I was so happy to happy to have more company!

The Saddest Day Of My Life Was When:

My dog died. His name was Boomer.

I cried for a week. He was our very first pet . We laid his ashes on

the beach because that was his favorite place to go .It was very upsetting.