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July 14, 2009
Poetry writing

Fake Flowers

My friends and I play together,

It seems that we can play forever.

When we play tag, we take a break,

I see some flowers, I notice they’re fake.

Oh, silly me I get tricked by those,

The flower that’s fake and never grows!

July 15, 2009

Card game

The directions are …

1. Yuna
2.Lay 3-5 cards on a table

3.Separate the Jack, and Joker

4.Take 5 cards each time when you are playing

5.Put the numbers in order

6.The Kings and Queens go together and can go on top of


7.The numbers can go backwards, forwards, or stay still

8.But here is the challenge, you have to time yourself. The

shortest you can do is your record!